Mac OS Keyman download failure: "No such text input source: Keyman"

Hi folks! I was trying to help someone set up Keyman on their Mac today and they kept getting an error: “No such text input source: Keyman” – I tried a few different download routes but nothing seemed to work. No previous active versions of Keyman were installed on her computer, and it was running the necessary OS version.

Any thoughts? Happy to test things out to figure out the issue. Thanks so much!

You may have to add Keyman as an input source before you can see.


  • Go to “System Preferences”, then “Keyboard” and select the “Input Sources” tab. Or, click on the input menu (usually a country flag or language icon) that appears on the right hand side of the menu bar, then select “Open Keyboard Preferences”. (This step may differ slightly depending on the OS version.)
  • Click on “+”, then find Keyman under Multi-Language and double click that entry to add as an input method.

Hi @bridget,

Did @makara’s fix work for you?

Hi, I was just able to confirm with the user that it did! Thanks so much!

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Tracking this at