Lost unicode zero width space in upgrade (u200B)

as of version 5.4 I believe, I had successfully used unicode character U+200B to tell the app where I wanted sentences divided when the font size is increased. Since then, this character will no longer divide the sentences where I have placed it. I have been forced to replace that character with a simple space (I’m already using u200A for the audio sync, so I can’t use that one.)
I tried a few other unicode characters and was unable to get the word-breaking functionality while not having an actual space inbetween the individual words. As the language I’m working with lends itself better to phrase based spacing, I really would like this feature back!

Please help!

Also, I’m noticing that the app still crashes (albeit infrequently) I can reproduce this myself only by resizing the font by pinch zooming.

Thanks for making this product, people are really making good use of the apps I’ve created with it!


I’ve found a workaround for this issue. Essentially you need to set the font size to zero and use a regular unicode space.

I’m importing my text from word, so that probably won’t apply to most, but the fix should work for everybody.

I have inserted exclamation points throughout the text wherever there should be a line-wrapping invisible space. I also changed the formatting to ‘letter’ in word for every exclamation point.

Then in the “changes” field I changed all exclamation points to unicode spaces U+0020

Finally in styles, I made a new style for letter (span.c_letter) that sets the font size to 0.

That’s all.

This allows you to easily know when you edit the document where the line-wrapping spaces are, and makes them disappear for the reader while still being visible to the app.

It was easier before the crosswalk change, hopefully we get our unicode zero and hair width spaces working again in an upcoming version.

I don’t understand what markup is used around the U+0020 space that then allows the style to be applied to it.

Are you are using Crosswalk?

Is your source in SFM or Word?

Yes, I’m using crosswalk. (I’m using SAB now btw)
I applied the markup (I changed the style to ‘letter’) with Word. I applied the style change to the exclamation points in the text. So the markup comes through to SAB Just fine. Then I change them all to U+0020 in SAB, and it keeps the style and making the font size zero gives me the line breaking action I need without putting actual spaces in the written text.

Thanks I am tracking you now.
This is a good workaround the issue.