Lost unicode zero width space in upgrade (u200B)

as of version 5.4 I believe, I had successfully used unicode character U+200B to tell the app where I wanted sentences divided when the font size is increased. Since then, this character will no longer divide the sentences where I have placed it. I have been forced to replace that character with a simple space (I’m already using u200A for the audio sync, so I can’t use that one.)
I tried a few other unicode characters and was unable to get the word-breaking functionality while not having an actual space inbetween the individual words. As the language I’m working with lends itself better to phrase based spacing, I really would like this feature back!

Please help!

Also, I’m noticing that the app still crashes (albeit infrequently) I can reproduce this myself only by resizing the font by pinch zooming.

Thanks for making this product, people are really making good use of the apps I’ve created with it!