Losing data

Several times I have reopened SayMore to find that data I had entered had disappeared. I thought it was saved automatically as I typed it in. Is there something I have neglected to do that is causing this? In one case, all my entries in the transcription space disappeared; in the other case, the first few entries were still there, but the bulk of them were gone.

I’m very sorry to hear that you lost some work. There is nothing you need to do to save, and this is not something I can recall happening before. In some other pieces of software, the perception of lost work has turned out to sometimes be a matter of people working in multiple projects or multiple computers and losing track, or of a machine losing power before the operating system transferred the file contents from memory to the physical disk. Not applicable in this situation, since you have had it happen several times, I’m just thinking out loud.

Since this has happened several times, let’s figure out what might be different about how you’re using SayMore. Is there something special about where you are storing the files? For example Dropbox/Google Drive/One Drive, that is something that is busy synchronizing files and could conceivably overwrite your work. Are you on a mac, running SayMore on a virtual machine? Etc.

Other thoughts: are you using this computer for other work that is stored on your drive? If there is something in your system (hardware or software) that is causing files to be lost, we might expect that to show up elsewhere. In any case, it would be worth getting a full disk scan.

Thank you, John. I will ask my husband to explore the different potential sources of problems. Thank you for taking the time to respond.