Longpress popup width for wider keys: can it be customised?

When I use longpress for the space bar (probably unusual) I notice that the popup buttons are all as wide as the space bar itself and that this is set in their element style setting rather than through CSS so I can’t figure out how to make the popup keys a sensible size. I don’t want them all the same size as the parent key. Any ideas?

Picture shows part of the longpress popup and an inspection view on Chrome testing the keyboard.

Yeah, it’s not ideal. This is a limitation in Keyman at present. We should probably improve this!

Yours isn’t the only keyboard that does this: khmer_angkor is another.

One consideration for the future, in terms of keyboard design: spacebar is likely to get other system-defined behaviours in the future, such as flicking left/right to swap languages. It may be preferable to avoid longpress on spacebar to avoid potential for conflict here.

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