Longer books

Someone I know is making a 100-page Bible Overview book for adults. I was wondering whether it would be appropriate for BLOOM? It seems like the kind of thing that would be useful for people to have on phones, useful to put some interactive features, useful to have with audio, etc. But is that too long? I’ve only made shorter childrens’ books so far.

Hi Beth,

There have been some 100-200 page books in the past. These do stretch the Bloom Editor’s performance but people have been successful creating them.

The challenge of such a long book continues once you publish it digitally. Add in 100 images, narration, etc., and the book files get large. It may be difficult for people with slow internet to download, or to share phone-to-phone. Bloom Reader currently always starts you at page one, so you have to find your place again. You end up having to add a Table of Contents with links.

All that to say, consider breaking up long books into several smaller books. If you need to split an existing large book (or join smaller ones), consider using the spreadsheet import/export as a way of accomplishing that.