Logo on Title Page

Can a small image block be added bottom center of the title page to allow the publisher’s logo on the title page?

Hi Peter,
A Bloom branding pack can put a logo on the title page. Since you are part of SIL PNG, you should be able to use the SIL PNG branding that already comes with Bloom, which already has your logo at the bottom of the title page.


Hi John,

I’ll double check to see if that works. Would having the RISE project cause it not to appear?


Would having the RISE project cause it not to appear?

Yes. PNG Rise is a different branding, and it does not have a logo on the title page.

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My RISE books are using the PNG-RISE branding pack and the SIL-PNG Front/back matter pack. The SIL PNG logo does appear on each Title page. There doesn’t seem to be a RISE version of the Front/back matter pack, which is fine since the Credits pages of RISE books should be consistent with other SIL PNG books.

Peter—look at the Decodables I recently sent and check your book collection settings. Are you seeing something different that what I’m seeing?

Hi Kim,

Mine look the same now. John made it so that they are compatible.


I noticed (in the latest Bloom) that the SIL logo used when the Enterprise Subscription of SIL-International is entered is the older one with TM, and not the latest with ®. Should that be updated?
(apologies for stealing this thread, but I didn’t think this minor topic needed a full thread of its own…)