Lock Bloom book pack

Is there a way to lock a Bloom book when it is saved as a Bloom pack? (within a local language collection)

The padlock (lock icon) shows for books downloaded from Bloom library, but we can’t see a way to lock that same book when it is shared as a Bloom pack.

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Can you be a bit more specific about the steps you tried? The normal sequence would be to make a source collection, add some books, make a bloom pack, open the bloom pack on another computer (which would put it in your “sources for new shells”), make a vernacular collection if you don’t already have one, and then “make a book using this source.” I believe the resulting derived book would be locked by default…if not, that would be a bug.

We were within a Local Collection (as books we were creating are in a local language). We chose a specific book (not the whole collection), then saved it as a Bloom pack. When it is opened, it appears in “sources for new books”. When that source is opened, the book is not locked.

I tried the method you outlined (creating a Bloom pack from a Source Collection). When I do that, the book is locked.

But the Bloom help file (Lock or Unlock a Book) mentions “Books cannot be locked in source collections”.

Maybe that needs to be reworded to clarify what is possible.