List of Bloom books already recorded in Indonesian

Does any one have a list of Bloom books already audio recorded in the Indonesian language? Or do you know who I could contact to get this info?


There are a lot of books that have been translated into Indonesian. Some are in the Bloom Library.

I’m not sure how many have had audio recorded in Indonesian, but I know there are some in local Indonesian languages.

Please ask this question to the Bloom-Indo Google group that I added you to a couple of weeks ago.


Hi Liz, can you send me the link for the Bloom-Indo google group again?

For others from Indonesia seeing this post…

A Google group was created a few weeks ago to discuss use of Bloom in Indonesia, sharing Indonesian resources, announcing training events, collaborating etc.

If you wish to join the group, send an email to

Liz Pfeifer
SIL Asia