Linking of words


One more thing that needs to be in future version of DAB is linkages of words in gloss with main entries.

When there is any word in meaning or definition or in example sentence clicked, DAB must open a pop up with the main entry of that word. I found this function in Oxford advanced learners dictionary.

Hope my suggestion will be considered.

Thanking you in anticipation

@Raja I changed your post to a feature request. You can vote on it if you have any votes left.

Depending on how your source file is built lexical relations words are linked to main entries. But it jumps to that entry, using your back button you can return to where you were.

A popup with minimal entry would be useful with the option to jump to the full record.

I general glosses are in another language so would not link to a main entry.

Linking from example sentences would be a good addition. Though it would not work as well for languages that have a lot of affixation.