Linking audio files to images

Hi all,
Is it possible to link an audio file eg. a music track, to an image? Either auto-play or on demand?

Yes, it is! I have a YouTube tutorial video that explains how it is done, and a zip file with examples. You can watch the video here:

You might also want to watch the tutorial on how to use audio clips in RAB.

It won’t auto-play, but plays back the sound when you tap the image.

Thank you Marty, great tutorials, and it all works! Sorry for taking so long to reply.

Another question which follows on from the original: how do I get the images centred on the App page? I am using images which are much narrower than the phone screen.

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Hi Brian,

I would post the question about centering images in another post. I’m not sure how to do it. Everything for me always aligns on the left.

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