L.S. on the Google Code Archive page for LIFT I found the following reference to a tool:

  • LiftTweaker Selectively modify a LIFT file for targeting different publication types (e.g. proper names, children’s, etc.). Also useful for trimming various kinds of cross-entry references to those that you actually want to see on the printed page.

I was not able to find it. Is this tool now incorporated in flex?

Much of that was moved from Palaso to Github. It is pretty old.

I doubt it is in Flex. Flex has its own ways of filtering. Tweaking is more done in the XHTML output.

I have some XSLT scripts that tweak LIFT files. Like add a tab with a pseudo language to create a Semantic Domain tab and show the semantic information.

What are you wanting to do?

Hello Ian,
Well, I am getting some lift import problems in flex. It seems that user styles like … are not supported on import. But I am not sure. I saw a reference to lifttweaker and so was curious to find out more. But evidently it was short-lived …
So in any case I would use it to tweak the lexiquepro lift export before it is imported either in DAB or in Flex …

If you want to send me your LIFT file I can look at it and check it against the LIFT 0.13 schema. Send me a personal message of where I can find it.

The LIFT schemas for 0.15 are in the LIFT-standard. But you need 0.13 for Flex import testing.

User styles are not included in LIFT. User defined fields are included.

Importing into Flex gives you more layout options than the default LIFT import into DAB.