LexiquePro lost 1000 entries

An LP user contacted me in my role as Toolbox Support. He has been using LexiquePro for editing his dictionary the past few years. He recently made a no-edit distribution copy of his dictionary with 20477 entries. He has continue editing. He just noticed that he now has 19488 entries.

Is there some way to unlock the locked and encrypted distribution version?

Does anyone know how to un-encrypt the data file?

Can you put me in touch with the author? I tried the Support address but frankly I’d be surprised if the mailbox is still active.

Thanks for any help you can give.

I’m sorry about this. There is not an easy way to decrypt the encrypted version.
Lexique Pro is no longer under active development.

Thanks for a reply, Richard.

Is there no way to unlock the distribution version, or enable the “Edit” or “Save As” capabilities?