Ldml layout

what is the intention of this project?

does all os support ldml format?

is it related to the above?

Currently, no operating systems support ldml format. This project is a host for development of ldml keyboards to seed the keyboard repository for when operating systems or other apps support ldml format keyboards. We have scheduled full support for ldml in Keyman 13.0 in the Roadmap.

I have tried mac os xml based keyboard layout. It is very similar to this format.
Except transform and if other sequences are missing in mac os.
is this DTD accepted part of Unicode standard?

The Unicode Consortium manages the LDML project; see http://unicode.org/reports/tr35/tr35-keyboards.html

A KMN-to-LDML converter would help with seeding. Is one on the horizon or has someone done this already?

Yes, we do hope to do 50 keyboards as a proof of concept in September I believe.

@lorna thank you.

How can we test the keyboard, if none of the OS has implemented the LDML engine, yet.

We will have an Keyman engine by then.

At this point there is no way to test LDML keyboards. There are some test scripts being written but it’s early days for the LMDL spec.

Is there any news on LMDL keyboards?

Does the spec has a way to know the characters in text stream to the left of the cursor?


A LDML-to-KMN converter is in the plan for this year initially, which will give Keyman the ability to consume any LDML keyboards. This will make it feasible to develop and use LDML keyboards. From there we hope to develop an LDML native engine for Keyman.

The specification does define transforms which work with text in the text stream, yes.

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