Latest DAB version is 8.5 - 12 Feb 2021

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Hi Dear,

Good to know the latest release of DAB. But very sorry to say that search option is still like searching any word from a book or an article.

The search like OUP Dictionaries or cambridge dictionaries should be implemented in this.
when any one enters letter a letter starting with a should appear in dropdown menu, instead of going to any other place for searching.

Hope my suggestion will be entertained.

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DAB version is 8.1 released replacing 8.0.1

DAB version 8.2 released replacing 8.1

DAB version 8.3 replaces 8.2

DAB version is 8.4, replaces DAB version 8.3.
DAB for Mac was rebuilt on 18 Jan 2021 due to a build error that resulted in some missing resources needed for iOS apps. There are no code changes from 15 Jan 2021 release.

DAB version 8.5, replaces DAB version 8.4.