Language selection setup


Dear Bloom friends, I have done several vernacular bloom books by now. Under settings, I have the first box for vernacular, second box for national language and then I have English on the back 1-2 pages. I want to have some other Bloom books that are only in the national language. Can I do this and have the second group of bloom books (that are only in the national language) mixed in with my original collection of bloom books that are in 3 languages?


Hi Craig–the language choices apply to all the books in a collection. So if some books are vernacular books and others are national language only, they will need to be in separate collections.


It’s very easy to switch from one language to two or three as long as the books use the same vernacular language…just turn the second and third languages on and off using the “One language” control in the top center in Edit tab. But it does apply to the whole collection, so if you mix monolingual and trilingual books in one collection you’ll have to pick the right setting as you open each book.