Language Name Change

I have a gloss language, Uma [roe], in my FieldWorks lexicon. This is the language group adjacent to our language group and I’ve collected over 2,500 entries in this related language. I’ve been able to publish this data to Webonary and in sample print copies (in the past–currently I can’t find the InDesign option in Pathway).

My problem lies when I export the data to a LIFT file to publish it as a dictionary app in Dictionary App Builder. A few years back, the language group chose the name “Uma” for their language instead of the previously labeled Ronji (a village name). I had it changed in the Ethnologue. I’ve expunged all references to Ronji in Fieldworks including in the language list and the Analysis Writing Systems, but when the data imports into Dictionary App Builder it insists on calling the language Ronji instead of Uma. I’ve opened all the files in the LIFT export and the only place Ronji shows up is in definitions when referring to place names. Is this data stored somewhere else? How can I get the language name to show up as Uma instead of Ronji?


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This is a continuation of the discussion started here:

In that thread, I suggested changing the “Display Name”, under Languages, and Language Details (image on that thread). And you replied, “Yes, I can change it there, but would rather find the root of the problem so I don’t have to remember to change it each time I export/import.”

The normal process for updating your app with new data is to export the data from FLEx to the same place you exported it before, and then on the Lexicon tab, clicking on “Update from Source…”. This should keep everything in your app the same except the underlying data. So if you have changed the “Display Name”, that will be remembered from version to version in the app. So I don’t think that should really be a problem for you. (Note that there have been a couple of problems with the “Update from Source…” function, but I think they may be resolved now?)

I understand that you have a philosophical problem, that that old name comes up even though you have changed it in the Ethnologue. No doubt DAB is using a somewhat outdated version of the Ethnologue (and DAB is using the language code to identify the language name from that data). Hopefully the developers will eventually update that. But I think what I suggested should be a reasonable work-around until that happens.

I’m not sure if this is helpful or not, but you could search in the .appDef file for the DAB project and see if the name is in there.