Language Forge won't sync - Syncing is on hold?!

I got this message:

Well this is embarrassing. Something went wrong and your project ,kjj-flex’ is now on hold. Contact an administrator.

Now I cannot synchronize. Please help!!!
Thanks, Ken

Hi Ken,

FLEx 9.0.8 made a change to the way it does Send/Receive that, unfortunately, Language Forge cannot yet cope with. I’m aware of the problem and currently working on a solution, but I don’t have an estimate as to when it will be ready. I’ll let you know as soon as I have managed to fix the issue, but in the meantime, I’m afraid Language Forge Send/Receive won’t work for your project until I manage to fix this bug. Sorry.

Robin Munn
Language Forge developer

Okay, Robin, Thanks for responding. Good to know that you are working on it. Looking forward to when S/R will be working for FLEx 9.0.8.
As a Field Methods instructor said to me 20 years ago, the cutting edge is the bleeding edge.
Best Wishes, KK