Language Forge backend?

I have a question about LF. It seems a nice tool to use after the demise of WeSay (sniff…). I am trying to support a user who wants to build a dictionary in a remote place where the internet is not available. Is there a way to take this “offline”? What would be required to place a server having the LF backend running on it in the village on an intranet, enabling local users to sync and backup their contributions?

LF is slowly moving toward offline abilities but there is no development time-frame for this. If WeSay is not sufficient for your offline context then I’m not sure what to recommend. This idea of a “local LF server” has been pitched before and worked on by someone outside the development team, but I am not in contact with them.

Jim Grady has a script to run Language Forge from a NUC or other lightweight device (e.g. Raspberry Pi). I’ll track down the steps when I return from traveling next week.

Thanks Paul. That would be great.