Korean RR Keyboard space not working

In Korean RR Keyboard layout, space is used to combine the jamos. But for me on win11, when using keyman korean rr, the space key does not work anymore, so i cannot type space or even combine jamos correctly. The space key works fine for other input method of win11.

Has anyone encountered the same problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Kuhic_Pasquale, welcome to the community!

One of my colleagues, @ross, has started looking into this issue, and will let you know what he finds soon.

New issue number has been raised for this here - #1703
@Kuhic_Pasquale can you also tell me what version of Keyman you are using.

This looks very much like a bug in the keyboard itself. @Lorna Do you know the author of this keyboard? Is this a known issue?

@makara, My father and I were the original authors of this keyboard :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Cool, there might be no issue with the keyboard then. Please dig into this when time allows. From what I’ve seen, the keyboard’s spacebar doesn’t behave as expected.

@Kuhic_Pasquale I have seen that the space issue is for Keyman for Windows it is not just on Windows 11 but also on Windows 10. I also know why it is not working.
Have you ever had this work you on Windows?

We will work on fixing the Windows deskton version. In the meantime, there are some alternate solutions that may work for you.

The KeymanWeb.com Korean_RR keyboard does work - at this link. You can type here and copy the text to your Windows application.

The Korean KORDA Jamo (SIL) keyboard creates Korean hangeul from jamo letters each time you press Spacebar.
There are a few other Korean Keyman keyboards that combine jamos each time you press space, however, I’m not sure if they are a suitable alternative for you. Korean Keyboards Link.

Thanks for the information! The web version works great.