Korean KORDA Jamo SIL in LibreOffice Writer on Kubuntu 20.04

I am experiencing unexpected display in LibreOffice Writer when typing the word “Hangeul” in Korean:
The keyboard sequence to obtain the above Hangeul was:
When I type the same sequence in LibreOffice Writer, the “Han” character is OK, but problems commence after entering keystrokes:
which returns a legitimate Hangeul character. The result of the full sequence
looks like:

Because the keyboard seems to work in this window (in Firefox) and in the text editor Kate, I suspect there is a compatibility issue between keyman and LibreOffice Writer (I’ve been able to use the ibus native Romaja keyboard in Writer, which seems to work as designed).

Thank You,
PS: The default keyboard is English (US) / English (intl., with AltGr dead keys). Ibus is set to use the default x-keyboard when Ibus keyboards are not engaged (in other words, both x-keyboards and ibus keyboards are active). Kubuntu 20.04 doesn’t have Qt support, so there is no Qt ibus module.

The following ibus packages are installed:
gir1.2-fprint-2.0 - async fingerprint library of fprint project, gir bindings
gir1.2-ibus-1.0 - Intelligent Input Bus - introspection data
ibus - Intelligent Input Bus - core
ibus-chewing - Chewing engine for IBus
ibus-data - Intelligent Input Bus - data files
ibus-doc - Intelligent Input Bus - development documentation
ibus-gtk - Intelligent Input Bus - GTK2 support
ibus-gtk3 - Intelligent Input Bus - GTK3 support
ibus-hangul - Hangul engine for IBus
ibus-libpinyin - Intelligent Pinyin engine based on libpinyin for IBus
ibus-m17n - m17n engine for IBus
ibus-mozc - Mozc engine for IBus - Client of the Mozc input method
ibus-table - table engine for IBus
ibus-table-cangjie - ibus-table input method: CangJie (dummy package)
ibus-table-cangjie-big - ibus-table input method: CangJie (big)
ibus-table-cangjie3 - ibus-table input method: CangJie3
ibus-table-cangjie5 - ibus-table input method: CangJie5
ibus-table-quick-classic - ibus-table input method: Quick Classic
ibus-table-wubi - ibus-table input method: Wubi
ibus-unikey - Vietnamese Input Method Engine for IBus using Unikey Engine
python3-ibus-1.0 - Intelligent Input Bus - introspection overrides for Python (Python 3)
create-resources - shared resources for use by creative applications
ibus-anthy - anthy engine for IBus
ibus-anthy-dev - anthy engine for IBus, development files
ibus-array - Array 30 input engine for iBus
ibus-avro - IBus engine for Avro Phonetic
ibus-braille - Braille input engine for IBus
ibus-cangjie - Cangjie and Quick input methods for IBus
ibus-clutter - ibus input method framework for clutter
ibus-input-pad - Input Pad for IBus
ibus-kkc - Japanese Kana Kanji input engine for IBus
ibus-libthai - Thai input method engine for IBus based on LibThai
ibus-libzhuyin - New Zhuyin engine based on libzhuyin for IBus
ibus-pinyin - Pinyin engine for IBus
ibus-rime - Rime Input Method Engine for IBus
ibus-skk - SKK engine for IBus
ibus-sunpinyin - sunpinyin engine for ibus
ibus-table-array30 - Array30 input method based on table engine of ibus
ibus-table-cantonese - ibus-table input method: Cantonese
ibus-table-cantonhk - ibus-table input method: Cantonhk
ibus-table-cns11643 - ibus-table input method: Cns11643
ibus-table-compose - ibus-table input method: Compose
ibus-table-easy - ibus-table input method: Easy (dummy package)
ibus-table-easy-big - ibus-table input method: Easy (big)
ibus-table-emoji - ibus-table input method: Emoji
ibus-table-erbi - ibus-table input method: ErBi
ibus-table-erbi-qs - ibus-table input method: ErBi(QS)
ibus-table-extraphrase - Extra phrase for table engine of ibus
ibus-table-ipa-x-sampa - ibus-table input method: IPA-X-SAMPA
ibus-table-jyutping - ibus-table input method: Jyutping
ibus-table-latex - ibus-table input method: LaTeX
ibus-table-quick - ibus-table input method: Quick (dummy package)
ibus-table-quick3 - ibus-table input method: Quick3
ibus-table-quick5 - ibus-table input method: Quick5
ibus-table-rustrad - ibus-table input method: Russian Traditional
ibus-table-scj6 - ibus-table input method: Smart CangJie 6
ibus-table-stroke5 - ibus-table input method: Stroke5
ibus-table-thai - ibus-table input method: Thai
ibus-table-translit - ibus-table input method: Translit
ibus-table-translit-ua - ibus-table input method: Ukrainian Translit
ibus-table-viqr - ibus-table input method: Viqr
ibus-table-wu - ibus-table input method: Wu
ibus-table-yawerty - ibus-table input method: Yawerty
ibus-table-yong - ibus-table input method: YongMa
ibus-tests - Intelligent Input Bus - installed tests
ibus-wayland - Intelligent Input Bus - Wayland support
ibus-zhuyin - IBus Traditional ZhuYin Input Method
ibus-keyman - Keyman engine for IBus
ibus-kmfl - KMFL engine for IBus

Welcome to the community @yatindra!

@EberhardBeilharz are you able to look into this?

@yatindra What version of Keyman do you have installed?

Dear Friends:

Thanks for your response.

Updates for Keyman software are being handled through the Keyman Ubuntu PPA:

focal main

The current version of keyman is:


Thanks, Cam

Good news! This will work in the next version of Keyman (v15). If you’re adventurous you can install the alpha version of Keyman 15 from https://launchpad.net/~keymanapp/+archive/ubuntu/keyman-alpha.

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Dear Friends:

That is great news! I consider my problem solved.


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