.kmp added to Keyman app for iOS

I used MacOS and I installed keyman 13.0. I downloaded Pyidaungsu MM-2.5.kmp file from https://unicodetoday.org/keyboards/ . And than I added in Keyman desktop on my MacOS. Nothing is problem. Everything fine. I like it.
So I also installed Keyman app for iOS from App Store to my iPhone. It’s Ok. But I try to add same .kmp what I used in MacOS but it not add to Keyman app. If I touch that .kmp file, Keyman app is automatically opened but not installed that .kmp file. I don’t know why? Is it anyway to add .kmp file to Keyman app for iOS?

Welcome to Keyman community.

This might be because the keyboard in question was not built for iOS.

+suntun.nlp@gmail.com, Can you confirm whether or not the keyboard Pyidaungsu MM-2.5 works in iOS?

Thank you for replying my question.
Basically that keyboard is for Keyman desktop MacOS version. It’s pretty well working in MacOS Keyman. I thought it might be working on iOS Keyman app since they use .kmp file.
It’s pretty good for Burmese typing. If we get this keyboard via Keyman Library, It will be best. I using Myanmar3 (SIL). It also good. I just want same keyboard with MacOS. If we get Pyidaungsu MM from Keyman, we don’t need to add separately.

Thanks, Kyaw Zeya

.kmp file is a keyboard package and it is up to what is packed into the package that determines whether or not the keyboard is usable on a given platform. If the keyboard was only built for macOS and Windows, it would not be installable on iOS.

For now, let’s wait and hear from the keyboard author.