Keystroke tips

Is there away to refer to an array within keystroke?

I wanted to do something like this:

store(Nglegena) U+A98F U+A992 U+A994 U+A995 U+A997 U+A99A U+A99B U+A99D U+A9A0 U+A9A2 \
                  U+A9A4 U+A9A5 U+A9A7 U+A9A9 U+A9AA U+A9AB U+A9AD U+A9AE U+A9B1 U+A9B2 \
store(NglegenaConsonant) 'kgqcjxfvtdnpbmyrlwsh'

any(Nglegena) $Pangkon any(Nglegena) $Pangkon + any(NglegenaConsonant) > \
   context(1) context(2) $ZWJ context(3) context(4) index(Nglegena,1) $Pangkon

So if the keystroke is ‘k’, it will return the first character in Nglegena, if it’s ‘g’ return the second, and so forth. The index(Nglegena,1) doesn’t quite work this way, I suppose.

Yes, it uses arrays correctly. I think your problem is in the number 1 - (Nglegena, 1)
The number there tells the array which store in the context to base the index on. In your example, if you want index(Nglegena) to refer to any(NglegenaConstant) which is the 5th position, you need to use index(Nglegena,5)