KeymanWeb not triggered on Select field

First of all, thanks for the great software.

I am using keymanweb 15.0.272 plugin on my website. The keyboards are working fine on input fields, but they are not triggering on the select field. Normally, the select field responds to the keypress and navigate the selection accordingly. How do I achieve this behavior in KeymanWeb using a custom language keyboard.

Hi @gigachad, welcome to the community!

Yes, this is definitely a limitation in KeymanWeb at present. I don’t know when we would be fixing this, but I would encourage you to open an issue to request this as a feature.

As an alternative, you may that components such as <datalist> (, which are reasonably well supported on modern browsers, are a suitable workaround. There are also other component systems that allow you to add autocomplete lists to normal <input> elements which emulate a <select> element.

Issue created at feat(web): KeymanWeb does not activate when a Select field is triggered/selected · Issue #8421 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub.