KeymanWeb missing emphasized characters in Clallam

Here’s the kb that is used by KlallamU:

I was thinking that the “l” letters series would be a rota…“l” > “ɬ” > “ʎ”

Did you ever use the Auto Touch Expander on Google Chrome?
I have set up my Chrome environment to replace character combinations like this:

the tick character ( lower case of the tilde ) followed by a consonant gives a Klallam / Lushootseed character.

The tilde gives a few exceptions to that rule.

As long as I’m in some Chrome environments, I can type those in without having to switch keyboards.

My layout looks more like the LushootseedU layout than the KlallamU one, but to me it’s easier to get used to.

It looks like this:

Screenshot 2020-03-07 11.32.41.png

@Louis_Wilson Sorry I have been out of the country for a while…lost my computer on the plane! They found it…but it slowed me down a little.

Yes. KeymanWeb LushootseedU has it on the o key.

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Hi @Louis_Wilson your language is simillaire to tamazight if you want to build an app keyboard contact black keyboard hwo can creat an font ttf with sorry for my bad english if you understand french i continue with it ( just translate with Google)
Vous pourrez cree an clavier enligne a l’aide d un font ttf comme tifinagh cette technologie est disponible en Vietnam ils peuvent cree un clavier pour smartphone gratuitement
Leur nom est “Black Keyboard” pour le font utilise font creator ou simplement dessine les sur un papier et scan le la technologie ocr et la pour simplifier les choses
Dont give up brother
Follow the link below with it you can creat ttf font
I wich that can help you

Hi Louis, How are you? Did you finish the keyboard? Sorry I dropped out of sight. I was taking a trip overseas just at the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, lost my computer. I did reccover it, but I lost valuable time. I am just getting caught up now.

haven’t done anythng since the outbreak. The Lushootseed class at PLU cancelled and I’m focusing on moving back to Oregon.
I’d like to start back out - there are some problems with the KlallamU tool, and don’t know who to talk to about it - KlallamU is the preferred one but I don’t seem to be able to get it to work right in native mac mode, and I use the web page version instead

Do you need help with this? I can set aside time for it.
Best wishes Ken

I’ll get back to you after we finish our move.
(I am a proud owner of a Bachelor’s Degree diploma from The Evergreen State College - Class of 2020 - in Native American Studies. This is why we moved to Olympia in 2017, and why we’re going back to Salem (Aurora, actually) now.)

Hi Louis How are you? Have things settled down for you? Hope you are doing well.