KeymanHelp - OSK images not appearing as expected

Hi all!
Wasn’t sure if here or the GitHub was the correct place to report this, but the OSK images on the KeymanHelp pages are acting a little strange. I noticed this on a couple of the fv keyboards I was reviewing, but it looks to be site-wide.

Safari, fv_hailzaqvla:

Chrome, basic_kbdal:

The large letters are selectable and “floating” above the image. I’ve encountered the problem in Safari 17.4.1 (19618., Chrome 124.0.6367.208 (Official Build) (x86_64). My colleague @capybara has encountered the same issue in Chrome 124.0.6367.208 (Official Build) (64-bit). The mobile OSK images look as expected, so it looks to only be affecting the desktop OSKs.

Not a huge deal at all, but figured you’d want to know!

Thanks for reporting this @HopsAndHops! We’re tracking it at #11467 and should have it fixed next week. I am about to roll back the version of KeymanWeb on the help site temporarily to mitigate the issue.