Keyman with OneNote

I would like to use keyman (newest version 12) with Microsoft OneNote, but on my Windows 10 prof. PC I can’t use any of the Keyman keyboards. OneNote only uses ‘normal’ letters.

On my surfacebook it works, but not correctly. For example I tried the Sanskrit Devanagari ITRANS and after printing an ‘a’ after a consonant it brings the same consonant again. Same mistakes with aspirated consonants like dh, th etc. . On all other software like Libre Office the keyboard works correct.

Any idea?

It’s possible you are running into a conflict issue that we’ve recently resolved. The manual workaround described at works to resolve the issue.

The automatic fix is still being tested but should be available in a Keyman Desktop update soon.

The “ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES” was there in the Surface. And the PC has it now - it was missing, but I got it through installation of the Keyman alpha Version from yesterday.
But still the keyman keyboards only use the normal keys of the base keyboard language on the PC and doesn’t work correctly on the Surface in OneNote).

Did you try any of keyman keyboards on OneNote? (It’s true that Skype has the same problem! But I have some of my scripts on OneNote and it would be great to continue them there.)

When I tried with OneNote on my computer, I didn’t have any trouble with using a Keyman keyboard. All my tests passed without issues. I was testing with OneNote 16001.12130.20090.0 on Windows 10 1903. This is a “metro-style” or Windows Store app.

I also tested with Microsoft OneNote for Office 365 MSO 16.0.12130.20272 64-bit and keyboard input there worked fine as well (this version of OneNote has some rendering issues with some languages – but the content is perfect). This is a native Windows app.

Which version of OneNote are you using?

It’s the same version of OneNote. Version 16001.12130.20090.0 . Windows 1903. (on the surface)
The problem is, that devanagari works on the surface book but makes a lot of mistakes. And on the PC it doesn’t take Devanagari at all.
So it seems difficult to figure out the common issue here.
My only idea is, that it might be because of language settings, as I am in Germany.
I just tried the english language setting, but same mistakes.
The NLCI devanagari keyboard actually seems ok, but the vedic ITRANS keyboard makes the problems after using “a” after a consonant (surfacebook).

I wonder if it might be worth trying disabling deep integration. Some apps have poor implementations of this and end up with rendering issues. If that resolves the problem, we can go from there.


I tried, but even after restart the same mistakes on the surfacebook.
No change on the PC either.

Okay, I’m running out of immediate ideas to solve this. We could setup a remote support session next week to dig deeper if that’s of interest.

OK, that would be great!

If we could do that remote support session in my Office time, we could check both, the PC and the Surface book.

To consider the time difference it would be best to do it German time between 10 AM and 6 PM (I don’t know your exact time zone .)

Please let me know, what time is best for you!

Thank you, Saarthaka

Thank you for your time this evening. I have captured the details of our remote support session in order to continue investigation at