Keyman with macOS and W10 using Parallels

I have a macbook with macOS Catalina, Parallels, and Windows 10, and am quite confused. I want to be able to enter my keyboard into Windows software (e.g., FLEx and Paratext), and software for Mac (e.g., OneNote, Word). Does anyone have experience with this combination who could help me?

Keyman now works on macOS and on Win10 (and Linux). So, it should no longer be an issue…unless you have your own keyboard that was compiled on an older version of Keyman. If that’s the case, you need to rebuild your keyboard with a newer version of Keyman Developer and select Desktop platforms (rather than just Windows) so it will work. Also, the whole .kmp must be installed, not just the compiled .kmx.

I think you will need to install Keyman for Mac OS (and the keyboard) to use your keyboard in Mac applications, and install Keyman for Windows and the keyboard in your Windows machine to use the keyboard with Windows applications.

Yes, @Steve_White is correct, you do need to run Keyman on both macOS and on Windows.

If you are using US English, be aware that the default US English keyboard layout installed by Parallels has some incorrect virtual key mappings for some punctuation keys (backslash, back quote, and quote), which means that those punctuation keys won’t work in some situations unless you change the default keyboard. The workaround is to use the Microsoft US English keyboard as your default keyboard in Windows.

(@Lorna, FWIW, older Keyman keyboards should install without rebuilding on Keyman for macOS and Keyman for Linux – it’s only that you can’t install a plain .kmx; rather you must install a package .kmp).