Keyman with Angular and TinyMCE

Hi Mark,
My site is up and running as C#, Angular and using TinyMCE.
Does Keyman survive and function in this environment?
If so, are there any (small) examples I can look at?

We don’t currently any examples of using Keyman with TinyMCE but Keyman functions fine with it as far as I know. The closest example we’d currently have is using CKEditor, not TinyMCE, but it may still be a bit helpful: KeymanWeb CKEditor Integration

From the KeymanWeb side, the TinyMCE edit field is just the same as any other edit field, so configuration of KeymanWeb shouldn’t change.

For reference, I saw one question about integration in the TinyMCE issue tracker but it was never followed up: How to integrate Keyman Web with Tiny MCE editor · Issue #5784 · tinymce/tinymce · GitHub.