Keyman web keyboard cut off the screen

I’m using keyman web in Angular project. So far it works great but we got an issue that on a Mac the keyboard is cut off the screen (currently only our internal team is testing and this happened to one user on a Mac, it was fine on windows devices).

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Can you give some more details on the on screen keyboard being cut off? A screenshot would help, plus some detail on the browser that the user was using to view the page?

Hi Marc, thanks for the quick response. Here is a screenshot of the problem. It happened on Chrome browser on a Mac (I can fetch more details from the user that it happened to if needed), I don’t have any problem on my side though.

Now I have the plugin downloaded and installed from local source, so I’ve tweaked the css to have a fixed width for different devices as a quick fix because I needed one, but I just wanted to mention this as a bug in the current version. If you provide a fix for it, I’ll add it to my local version also.

Can you share a screenshot of how it looks different on Windows?

Note that the user can drag the keyboard to bring it on screen.