Keyman & Ukelele on MacOS

I can’t find it anywhere, so can someone please tell me, is there any compatibility issues of having Keyman and Ukelele keyboard software on the Macintosh OS simultaneously and any advantage or disadvantage to doing so? The use case is primarily for working the Ancient/Koine Greek and English. Is there any advice you can give? It seems both pieces of software are both listed as supported by SIL, but nothing in the FAQ or on the Twitter feed of Keyman or on issues listed on GitHub say these are incompatible with each other or should be used separately only, or how they may be best suited for what kind of use if they are mutually exclusive to each other. Has anyone written a comparison and why one might use one over the other? Thanks for your time and contribution.

Hi @Ronald_Jones, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

As far as I know there should not be any trouble – the two input methods can be installed side-by-side. You should be able to switch between the Ukelele input method and the Keyman one from the input method menu. The only trick with Keyman for mac at present is that if you have multiple Keyman input methods installed, you can only switch between them when Keyman is active.

In terms of comparisons, I’m not aware of one presently. Ukelele creates macOS system layouts so does not need to be installed in order for the layout to be used. Keyman layouts require Keyman to run, but do provide substantially more flexibility for complex input. It is likely that compatibility with applications is somewhat better with Ukelele, as most apps work properly with system layouts, but most users don’t have significant trouble with Keyman compatibility with the majority of apps.