Keyman sometimes not working with Microsoft Edge on Windows 11

User at EMDC en español seems to be having a possibly similar problem, but only in Microsoft Edge and only with Keyman Unicode keyboards. But the problem is sporadic and I theorize that perhaps there is some particular key sequence that Edge is interpreting before Keyman gets a chance to interpret it. Once the problem starts, it is seemingly impossible to use either of his Unicode keyboards in Edge, though his other Keyman keyboards do work. So far, we haven’t seen the problem in other applications (including Chrome). Any ideas or diagnostic steps we should try?

Hello TomB, I couldn’t reproduce the problem that you mentioned. Please send us the keyman diagnostic report so our developers can take a closer look at the issue. How to send a diagnostic report to Keyman Support


@ross Does this ring any bell?

If you think Edge is changing the character sequence you could try copying the text and pasting in
Then type the same sequence in another application such as notepad, and pasting that text into the same link to see if the character sequence is the same.

Just to point out problems with ESET and browsers, in case it is relevant:

Still working on a resolution to that problem…

I tried using the key sequence that had previously triggered the problem and pasted the resulting characters into Edge. That did not re-trigger the problem, but neither did typing the sequence directly into Edge. I don’t think I did anything that might have “fixed” the problem, but because it is sporadic, it is hard to know if/when it might come back. I know longer have access to the computer that was having the problem, but I did ask the user to alert me if it comes back.

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