Keyman - problems operating in Facebook on Chrome

I use Chrome on my laptop to communicate with community members in multiple languages using non-Roman Unicode scripts (Tai Ahom, Tai Phake (included in Myanmar code), Tangsa and Wancho). This morning I was unable to type in Facebook on Chrome with any of my Keyman keyboards. There was no response when typing a key. To overcome this I tried closing and restarting Keyman, then closing and restarting Chrome, but neither of these worked. When I closed and restarted the laptop, I was able to use Keyman again on Facebook within Chrome. Is this potentially a problem that comes about because I need to restart Chrome? Is it potentially a Keyman issue? Thank you

First, which operating system do you use? Is this a Windows laptop, a macOS laptop, or do you boot Linux?

Not sure if it will be relevant but a Chrome update has been pushed out. Part of that update incorporates version 9.4 of the V8 JavaScript engine.

Thanks Joshua. It is Windows laptop. What I find I need to do is switch off Keyman from time to mine when I’m not using the Keyman keyboards frequently. Then, I sometimes forget to turn it on again before trying to switch keyboards. This morning the problem I have had is to get Keyman keyboards to work in Libre Office, where when I switch to Keyman, I just touch the keys and there is no response at all in Libre Office. It’s working fine in Facebook via Chrome and fine in word and also if I try to type here.

Which version of Keyman are you running?

Version 14.7.274
I tested several of the programs that I need to use Keyman with this morning, and I think the process I need to follow is this:

  1. Keep Keyman switched off when I’m not using it, then when I need to use it
  2. Open Keyman
  3. Open the programs / applications
  4. Switch on the relevant keyboard
  5. Use Keyman
  6. Switch off the Keyboard
  7. Switch off the Keyman program

and repeat if I need to use it again later. I will test this out over the next days and see if the problem re-occurs. What I can say is that this morning when I started the computer (it had been in sleep mode), and opened a dictionary on Chrome and tried to search using the Keyman keyboard, it didn’t work; I would press a key and nothing happened. So I restarted the computer and followed the steps above and everything is fine.

You may want to try the latest stable version: Keyman for Windows 14.0.

If possible, could you DM me one of your keyboards. I’d like to test and see if the language tag has been assigned correctly.

Thanks. The keyboard that I am using was made by Craig Cornelius and can be downloaded from Download Tai Phake resources
However, I should point out that when I had difficulty using the keyboard in Facebook, that applied to any of the Keyman keyboards that I had installed.