Keyman package name in Unicode

Keyman 10 is not displaying package name in Unicode text. It displays only ASCII text


Which version of Keyman Developer did you use to create the package? Can you share the package here so we can test?

Developer version: 10.0.1203
Windows 10

I just put a Kannada text as the name of the package ಕನ್ನಡ

You can just change the name of any package to this, you will see the problem.

I don’t have the package with me.

I can share no problems.

I have sent a DM

It is very simple, change any keyman package name to a unicode text
e.g. ಕನ್ನಡ

An example is this keyboard:

Download the .kmp and the Keyboard package name is not right (the part in red):

Some of the characters are not shaping or turned into a question marks.

I believe that title is in the .kps here:

    <Name URL="">Sƛ̓áƛ̓imxec</Name>

I’ve documented this in a GitHub issue:

Thank you for reporting this.

We have a fix for this in play now for version 11.

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