Keyman on Windows 8.1

Keyman installs successfully on Windows 8.1, the keyboard also installs but is not working. It keeps typing in English. Also Win+Spacebar doesn’t bring up list of input methods nor switch keyboard. It really slows down my work for days.
Can someone please help.

PS: The minimum requirement for this keyboard is keyman 15.

Sorry that you experience this issue, but can you provide the following info for one to reproduce the issue so the issue can be reported and fixed.

  1. What version of Keyman are you running specifically?
  2. What keyboard are you using when you experience this? What is its version?
  3. If the keyboard is not available in the Keyman keyboard library, please attach it here directly or share it with us via Google Drive or Dropbox.
  4. What application are you using while you experience this? Does the keyboard output latin characters every where or just in certain application, if so, what is it specifically?
  1. Keyman 15.274
  2. Obolo Chwerty
  3. Obolo Chwerty keyboard
  4. Windows Notepad, Microsoft Word 2016

The keyboard doesn’t output Obolo characters, it keeps typing in English. Even the OSK shows English characters. But it works very well in computers running Windows 10.

It seems this issue is not new. There’s a topic here:
How was it solved?

Thanks for the additional detail.

The topic from Keyman Desktop 8.0/9.0 is unlikely to be related :slight_smile: .

Note that Windows 8.1 is no longer supported by Microsoft, and we do not have the resources to test Keyman on it (we have been testing until recently on Windows 7 and Windows 10). So we may have to do run a remote support session with you in order to resolve this (@makara would you be willing to set this up if it proves necessary?)

A couple of additional notes/questions:

  1. Win+Spacebar was introduced in Windows 10 for language switching
  2. What method are you using to switch languages?
    • Alt+Left Shift
    • Mouse click on Keyman icon in notification area
    • A hotkey combination
    • Mouse click on Windows Language Bar
    • Something else?
  3. Do the Keyman icon and language bar show the Keyman keyboard selected when you are trying to type with it?

I use this:

The language icon doesn’t show up on the language bar.

No. It only shows Keyman icon, not the keyboard icon.

Tested on Windows 8.1 (virtual machine) with Keyman 15.0.274-stable using the keyboard mentioned above (Obolo Chwerty keyboard). It looks like the keyboard is working well as indicated in the keyboard documentation (

The three lines of text are typed:

key press output
asdf asdf
zxcv zọn̄v
a`e`i`o`u` àèìòù
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Ok. Since I couldn’t resolve the issue from my own end, I simply updated to Windows 10, and the keyboard is working fine. Thanks for your time and help.

@katelem, glad you got it working – probably good to be on Win10 given Win8 is no longer supported :slight_smile: