Keyman on Android

I have a unique keyboard that I made with the Developer and installed to my computer. When I downloaded the Android version into my Android it refuses even to open. What can I do? Thanks!

One of these might have happened:

  1. If the keyboard was created for computer only, it would not be installable on the phone.
  2. If Keyman for Android is not installed on the phone, the keyboard would not be recognized by the OS.

To learn more how to use Keyman for Android, visit: Keyman for Android Help.

i downloaded * keyman-13.0.6220.apk stable (released 2020-10-30, 5.45 MB) but it refused to open.

i also tried but same result.

What do you mean when you say it refuses to open?

Did Keyman for Android get install at all?

What is your Android version?