Keyman on Android: Ancient Egyptian no longer functions

Ancient Egyptian (Hieroglyphic) keyboard on Android stopped working. Now met with “fatal error.”

Also, it is now absent from the Keyman Web website.

Does anyone know when it might be restored? Thanks.

I believe this is related to issue 183 which we are working on fixing. It’s not a trivial fix because it involves changes to how we build keyboards to work around a limitation within Chrome (which is used internally in Keyman for Android).

And you are correct, the Hieroglyphic keyboard is missing from the list of keyboards on, which is not intentional, and which I was not aware of. I have created an issue to look into this and address it.

On Firefox, the following direct link will work:,Keyboard_hieroglyphic (Chrome fails due to the first issue).

I don’t have a fix date for any of the linked issues but I will note this conversation in those issues so that we can notify you when it is resolved (and also to reiterate that the problem is ongoing and affecting users).

Note: this problem does not occur in Keyman Desktop on Windows, Keyman for iPhone and iPad, Keyman for macOS, Keyman for Linux or KeymanWeb on Firefox, Edge, Opera or Safari.

Thank you so much for the detailed response and for continuing to work on the issue. Keyman is the only hieroglyph editor on Android that uses Manuel de Codage entry, and I await its return.

– Jeff

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We now have a pull request in review that does address this problem. It needs further testing because it does make some low level changes to the keyboard layouts but once approved and merged should not only fix the issue but make all keyboard layouts on mobile devices more responsive because it improves the performance of the keyboards.

Thank you so much for fixing the problem. All is functioning again.

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