Keyman not working with ELAN

I have recently installed Keyman on my mac and am running the Yolŋu keyboard. I have managed to get this working for email, browser, MS office etc, however I can’t get it to work in ELAN.
The Keyman icon still appears in the top bar, but when I press a key it behaves as a standard keyboard (e.g. the ‘’ key is supposed to be ‘ŋ’, but when I hit it in ELAN it just produces ‘’ anyway).

Can anyone help?

This sounds like a compatibility issue. Please create a new issue similar to this one on our repo:

Thanks makara,

I’m not familiar at all with Github or how to create an issue - will do my best!

Hi Celeste, If you do not have a github account, I can create an issue there for you and link it to this thread. Can you provide the following information? These are for the bug/issue report. What are your macOS version, Keyman version, ELAN version? Also provide the name of the keyboard and the version you are having issue with as well. You can fill in the info below.

Keyman for macOS:

  • OS: [e.g. macOS Mojave?]
  • Keyman version: [e.g. 13.0.109?]
  • Target Application: [e.g. ELAN??]


  • Keyboard name: [e.g. Yolŋu?]
  • Keyboard version: [e.g. 1.0?]
  • Language name: [e.g. Yolŋu]

Additional context
Add any other context about the problem here.

The bug report is live here: