Keyman not working in browers

I’m using version 11.0.1361.0 (Side note: it would be helpful if you could highlight and copy the version number from the configuration window)

Keyman only works in MS Office products and Adobe products. This problem just started. It seems it started after I tried a short-cut, Windows Key + Space Bar, to change the keyboard.

Now, Keyman doesn’t work in Chrome, Sticky Notes, Notepad, or Internet Explorer.
It does work in Office programs, Adobe programs, File Explorer.

I have: restarted Windows several times, restarted Keyman several times, searched for related problems, checked for updates. I followed a Keyboard work around for Chrome, it didn’t work. (turning off the extensions)

Has anyone else had this problem?

I’m unable to update my Wordpress site without Keyman. Other than copy and paste from Word, not efficient.

What keyboard are you having trouble with?

Could you explain a bit more about what happened when you said “Keyman doesn’t work…”? What happened when you pressed a key? The details here would help us to diagnose, reproduce and resolve the issue.

Could you also send us the diagnostic report as well?

To do so, click on “Diagnostics” on the Support Tab and then follow the instruction on the screen (see screenshot below):