Keyman Keys (Rota how-to)

Hi everyone, If I want to make c+c = č, what I should write in the code?
I would like to press two time C and come out Č.

The default like this one:

  • [K_C] > ‘C’

I don’t know how to do it, please help. Thanks

Hi @Msfjustice, the simple answer is:

'c' + 'c' > 'č'             c caron

This would allow you to type c, č, čc or čč, if you continue to hit the same key, but not cc. The further question is what should happen if the person needs two c’s (for example, in a website link).
Depending on your orthography, you might want to consider some follow-up rules (and don’t forget the capital versions).

Option 1 (Rota):

'c' + 'c' > 'č'             c caron
'č' + 'c' > 'cc'              c double c
'cc' + 'c' > 'čč'              c double c caron
'čč' + 'c' > 'c'              c back to c

This keyboard uses a “rota” like this to cycle through possibilities: keyboards/xinaliq.kmn at master · keymanapp/keyboards · GitHub

Option 2: (One extra check to convert čč back to cc):

'c' + 'c' > 'č'             c caron
'čč' + 'c' > 'cc'              c doubled c

The difference between the 2 options is the order of appearance of the options.
Note, the c without quotes before the description is not part of the code, but is the way that Keyman marks comments.

Code check: The third rule in the rota (option 1) should be
'čc' + 'c' > 'čč'

I don’t see anything wrong with the third rule up there though.

The rules in Option 1 work as pointed out in the comment after each rule.