Keyman keyboards not working on linux mint 20


I just installed Keyman and the IPA (SIL) keyboard v. 1.8.3 on my laptop with Linux Mint 20 with Gnome Desktop. No matter what I do, none of the modifiers in this keyboard work, except, weirdly, in Minecraft.

Yes, the only place I can type IPA symbols is in Minecraft chat.

How do I resolve this?

EDIT: Done some more testing. The Tamil99 keyboard also doesn’t work, so I assume none of the Keyman keyboards work. I also found out the keyboards also do work in the Gnome Desktop search bar (for some reason).

EDIT 2ː I installed some packages in the meantime (forgot what they were) and now the keyboard works somewhat. If I type


it results in

but I assume the first e should’ve been deleted, which it hasn’t

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It is interesting that this Linux version does not come with Libreoffice Writer. Can you try TextEditor and see if the keyboard is working there?

Have you tried using keyboard on any browser, i.e. Mozilla Firefox?

Can you also tell us your version of Keyman for Linux?
From a terminal:
km-config --version

Done some more testing. The Tamil99 keyboard also doesn’t work

Can you also provide a screenshot of your Keyman Configuration panel that shows what version of Tamil99 you’ve installed?
sample config

I installed Tamil99 and when ta is selected in ibus, the keys: qwerty in Terminal produce: ஆஈஊஐஏள

There are some known compatibility issues where certain applications don’t interact correctly with Keyman for Linux. One example is typing in the omnibar for Google Chrome. Or sometimes backspace doesn’t work properly in places like Firefox or Terminal. Issue #1489