Keyman Keyboards and Shortcuts

Hi there,
Have been using Keyman desktop (Now using Pro v9.0) on windows machines (now windows 10) for more than a decade. A few days ago a new behaviour has developed which is quite annoying. Whenever a keyman keyboard is activated the keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste stop working (Ctrl+v pastes a “v” character!) on most applications (Chrome, etc…). Turning off keyman immediately restores the functionality. Note that menu based copy and paste keep operating so it would seem that keyman somehow doesn’t pass the commands through?
Any help much appreciated.

That’s peculiar – have you changed any settings on your system, or updated Keyman recently? It seems unlikely that this would suddenly start happening without something to cause it.

Also, have you tried restarting Keyman or restarting your computer?

Hello Marc,

Thanks for getting back to me.

  1. I did not change any settings – but I am on a windows 10 system with automatic updates….

  2. I did try to:

  3. Stop – restart keyman – no change

  4. Restart the computer – no change

  5. Physically change keyboards – no change

However the problem was indirectly solved when I tried to migrate to Keyman 10 and had to roll back to Keyman 9
(because some of my apps depend on the old keymcom.api)

Still not sure what triggered the issue in the first place – but things are back to normal now :blush:

Best Regards,


I see! Well, glad things are working for you again. Hard to know what caused it at this point, so we’ll leave it there :wink: