Keyman keyboard misbehaving in Bloom

I have a translator who has noticed the same problem on 2 different computers. On her computer, she was running Keyman 10.0.1207.0 and Bloom 4.3.4.

She described the issue as follows: “I’ve noticed in Bloom that on my computer and my translator’s computer, backspace doesn’t work properly - the cursor moves somewhere else when we hit backspace and deletes those letters. So we’ve found that using delete works, but I was wondering if you’ve heard that from anyone else and if it might be a Bloom issue or the Keyman keyboard?”

After updating to the latest Keyman and Bloom, she said, “I did the installs and I’m still having a problem with the cursor jumping and deleting different letters”.

She is running Windows 10 version 1803. I’m guessing that her co-translator (who was also having the same issue) is probably running not running Windows 10, so it doesn’t seem like a Windows version-specific issue.

Any suggestions?



Hi James,

Sorry that she encounters this problem.

Does this same behavior occurs in other application/program? Say, MS Office or Google Chrome?

Could you send a “diagnostic report” with the description above to us?


Could you please describe how to send a “diagnostic report”?

I’ll ask about other programs.

Thank you,


You can collect diagnostic information about Keyman by clicking the ‘Diagnostics’ link under the ‘Useful Links’ section on the Support tab. The support diagnostic will collect critical diagnostic information from your computer and generate a report.


Thank you.

Is there a location on the computer where we could find the diagnostic files and send them to you separately? My test report indicated they would be too big to email.


Yes. Look in %localappdata%\Keyman\Diag (for version 11). For version 10, it is in %appdata%\Keyman\Diag.

Can you also let us know which keyboard she is using when she experiences the problem?

I will need to setup a test environment here to replicate the problem; probably won’t be able to do that until middle of next week at the earliest as I am travelling.

I’ve tested this issue now with a keyboard here and can see some problems with backspace and Keyman 10/11. I tested with Bloom 4.3.4, 4.4.2 and 4.5.106 beta. The issues appear to be caused by bugs in geckoFx (part of the Firefox engine) that Bloom uses internally.

Keyman has a workaround for situations like this. See for steps on how to do enable the workaround and caveats.

There is also an open issue in the Keyman project that relates to the core problem with Firefox:

@JohnHatton bringing this to your attention – didn’t find a specific issue in Bloom Youtrack relating to this.

Finally, to reproduce this issue, try with the Khmer Angkor keyboard, type xjmEr. It should produce ខ្មែរ. Backspacing twice should leave use with: ខ្ម. However, in Bloom it shows: ខ្. You can see the correct behaviour in, for instance, Notepad, or if you enable the workaround above.

I sent in a diagnostic report from Sonya’s computer. It said the case # was 2138. More details below:

To replicate:

Use the Yamap keyboard. We had Keyman Desktop 11.0.1356.0 and Bloom 4.4.2.

  1. Open a book to edit in Bloom.
  2. Choose the Yamap keyboard.
  3. Click somewhere in the text on a Bloom page with the trackpad.
  4. Optional: Delete some text.
  5. Now the cursor is at Cursor Location 1

  1. Move the cursor with the keyboard. Now the cursor is at Cursor Location 2:

  1. Use Backspace to delete some text.
  2. Text is deleted from Cursor Location 1 (by “mav”, not Cursor Location 2 (“Nini”):

Disabling deep tsf integration fixed this issue, but it’s still a bug if one is unable to disable deep tsf integration.



Oh, I uploaded these files here:

  • Bloom error report
  • Keyman Diagnostic report
  • Yamap keyboard and Developer files
    You can reach the translator at the email specified in the Keyman case #2138. I’ll be going on furlough in a few weeks, so may not be around to help.


I’m glad to hear that the workaround works. That’d be my recommended approach for now.