Keyman keyboard is not activated on Windows 7

I am using Windows 7.

I have installed the Keyman 5.0 on this system with Tamil Typewriter. Ensure that the Keyman software has successfully installed.

  1. We checked the Keyman configuration and it is set fine without any issue.
  2. We checked the Keyman keyboard [Tamil Typewriter] also installed successfully and it is appeared in the tray icon as well.
  3. We turn on the keyboard [Tamil Typewriter], choose the senthamil font and start typing. But it has produced a weird output.
  4. I checked again and ensure the keyboard [Tami Typewriter] is enabled and even though this issue has occurred and does not have desired output.

I see that it might have technical issue. Kindly guide us to solve this issue.

Looking forward to receive your guidance.

Thanks & Regards,
Johnson A

Hi @JohnArul, Keyman 5 is very old and is not supported on Windows 7. I suggest you try installing Keyman 10 Beta (, which is completely free and open source.

Hi, Marc.

Thanks a lot. Will install the suggested version and get back to you if we need any assistance further.

Thanks again,

Johnson A