Keyman keyboard doesn't work

I have installed Keyman on several computers over the last few years, but at present I am struggling with the installation on another computer (Lenovo, WIN10, 64-bit). I have installed Keyman (14.0.280) and then the following keyboards: NaroU.kmx and Naro.kmx. NaroU.kmx doesn’t work, Naro.kmx does. Can you give me advice on what to do, or walk through some steps (with Teamviewer?) Thank you for looking into this

Unfortunately, TeamViewer doesn’t work for me, but Zoom does.

I’m available today at 6:30 AM UTC time. Otherwise, next Monday between 1 AM and 4 AM UTC time.

For the time being, can you send the .kmx files to me via direct message. I can try and see what’s going on.

The keyboard was created with another version of Keyman Developer and the heading was not correctly setup.

c store(&22) "0" 
c store(&23) "Keyman" 
store(&BITMAP) 'NaroU.bmp'
store(store6) "aeiouAEIOUmMnN" 
c store(&20) "11.0.1356.0" 

Here is what a proper heading should contain:

store(&VERSION) '10.0'
store(&NAME) 'NaroU'
store(&COPYRIGHT) '© 2021'
store(&TARGETS) 'windows macosx linux web desktop'
store(&BITMAP) 'narou.ico'

The keyboard has be recreated and sent to your inbox. Please check and let me know whether or not the keyboard works for you. I’ve tested and it and it works on my Windows 10 Pro 20H2 x64.

Issues trackers available at (15.0) and (14.0).