Keyman is unreponsive and slow

I’ve had a problem with keyman being unresponsive. When I first installed it a few days ago, it would respond on the first keystroke. Now I have to hit a key two or three (or more!) times to get keyman to type even a simple character like “v.” Any clues as to what is causing this and how to fix it?

I have a windows 10 OS
I’m using keyman in MS word, where it hasn’t had issues before.

It might be helpful if you tell us what keyboard you are using. Or is the problem with any keyboard? Does the keyboard use odd things like the R-ALT key?

Really weird… I just had a similar thing happen to me on my laptop. Windows 10 latest, Office Pro 2016, and it just started not typing characters reliably. Here is me typing “This is a test” 4 times:

Ths tst
hs i att
hs s est
a tt

Similar results with another Keyman keyboard, and when I turned the Keyman keyboard off, everything returned back to normal. But the really weird thing is that that happened ONLY IN WORD! I opened Excel, LibreOffice Writer, Outlook email (which is supposed to use Word as an editor), and even typing this reply - and in all of these the Keyman keyboard worked just fine.

So then I closed Word, and re-opened it, and now everything is back to normal. So I don’t know how it got in that state, but restarting Word seemed to fix it. So Emily, is this still a problem after restarting Word?

I had this happen one more time - again fixed by closing Word and re-opening. But I’ve tried a couple dozen more times - opening existing documents, creating a new document, etc. - trying to find a pattern, and the problem didn’t happen any of those other times. Weird… Keyman 10.0.1201.0.

@jheath thank you for the description. If you catch this happening again, could you try to capture a debug log while the problem is alive (I’m hoping that restarting Keyman doesn’t cause the problem to go away)?

To capture a debug log:

  1. Open Keyman Configuration, Options, and in the Advanced section, tick Debugging.
  2. Restart Keyman.
  3. Demonstrate the problem.
  4. Exit Keyman.
  5. Turn off Debugging again – it generates large logfiles that capture every single keystroke you type.

A debug log file should be generated in a folder called keymanlog on your desktop.

When you send the debug log to us, if you can note what you tried to type and the actual result, that helps a lot.

It may also help to send a second debug log of Keyman/Word behaving normally for us to compare.