Keyman install error in Windows 11

While installing keyman on Windows 11 I get the following error.
I am connected to internet and all firewalls are turned off. I can install on Windows 10 fine.
keyman error message

Hello, I just tested installing Keyman 14 on Windows 11 and it installs correctly for me without the error seen here. I wonder if there are some extra security settings on the installation package. On my machine, my user account is a local administrator.
I am now just speculating but maybe there is another security setting, apart from the firewall, blocking Keyman installer from accessing the internet? I tried turning on Potentially unwanted app blocking and tried re-installing and it worked fine - so probably is not that. The other setting to check would be under Settings->Apps> Apps&Features. Choose where to get apps The selection needs to be any of the anywhere options and not the Microsoft Store Only Option.