Keyman for Microsoft Edge

Hello everyone,
I’m using Keyman Desktop version 10 however I could not type accent in Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Store, too. Does anyone meet this problem the same with me?

Yes, this is a current compatibility limitation with Microsoft Edge. At present, we must advise using an alternative browser such as Firefox or Chrome, which work fine. We are looking for solutions.

Hello Marc, thanks for your reply. But in Chrome the another problem was happened.
For example:
If we start typing in the address bar the letter a with acute accent it will appear aá. Only á is correct.

Thanks for the feedback. Have you seen this problem elsewhere in Chrome, or only in the address bar?

Dear Marc,
It happened only in address bar. Could you please help me to take a look for Microsoft Store and Windows App. Keyman can not type too.

But in Chrome the another problem has happened.
If we start typing in the address bar the letter a with acute accent it will appear aá. Only á is correct.

Can you tell us which keyboard you’re experiencing this? With the following configuration, I can type in the address bar
a + @ + 3 and get

Chrome version 67.0.3396.99
Keyman Desktop version 10.0.1200.0
SIL IPA keyboard version 1.6

I’m defining a new Vietnamese keyboard. I type a + s to get á. It has happened aá if we type it at the first word in address bar.

I have now observed this behaviour in the address bar. It happens because the address bar adds extra autocompletion text as you type, so when Keyman tries to delete a to replace it with á, it ends up deleting the autocompletion suggestion – Keyman has no way to know that Chrome has added this extra text automatically. I don’t have a great solution for this at this time.

I have documented this as a compatibility issue at

Here is a possiblenworkaround:

Unfortunately this will disable autocomplete all the time, not just when using Keyman.

One of the Cheyenne speakers I work with is experiencing this problem with Keyman Desktop 10 not working in Facebook where we have a Cheyenne language group. Her laptop is a Lenovo, as is mine. My Lenovo (a different model) does work with Keyman in Facebook, however. Keyman works in all other apps on her laptop, just not Facebook. I have uninstalled, redownloaded, and reinstalled Keyman, Facebook, and the newest Cheyenne Keyman keyboard on her laptop, but I have not been able to fix the issue on her laptop. Ideas?

Does it work in other browsers?

@wleman1949: if this is an issue with Edge, I wrote above:

Thank you, Marc. No wonder I didn’t replicate the issue on my
laptop. I use Chrome.