Keyman for Mac and polytonic Greek


I have always used the Classical Greek keyboard of Manuel Lopez to write ancient Greek in Windows.

On the Mac however, this keyboard doesn’t work for me conerning for the diacritics. Normally, a/ would result in alfa with acute. But on my Mac, its just an alfa with a slash.

I tried som other keyboards of Keyman, but they all won’t combine the diacritics with the vowel.

Does anybody knows a solution?

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I just discovered that the problem only exists in Word. In the Mac text editor ore notes it doe work. But not in Word…

Welcome to the community, Jan.

We are sorry that you experience this issue.

Please let us know some more info so that we can help:

  1. What is the version of your macOS?
  2. What is the version of your Keyman for mac that you are using?
  3. Could you give an example of a word with diacritic and their correct/incorrect output?

The new beta 12.0.7 of Keyman for Mac is intended to address this problem. You can download the beta version from

Install the beta version as you would normally. You may need to restart your Mac first if the Keyman input method is in use.

After installation, you may also need to do the following, after installing the 12.0.7 beta version, in order to reset the security settings for Keyman, as the reason Keyman was not working is that Apple introduced new security protections in a recent update for macOS (known as Notarization), and Keyman prior to this was of course not notarized:

  1. Run the following command in Terminal:

      sudo tccutil reset PostEvent
  2. Restart your Mac (again :frowning: !)

That did the trick! So it was a security issue…

Thank you!

Great to hear, thank you for the feedback!