Keyman Ethiopic keyboard disappears when I restart

Every time I restart my MacBook Air (OS Monterey), I have to re-download the SIL Ethiopic Power-G keyboard. The Keyman icon is always there but the specific keyboard disappears from the options. When I download the keyboard the folder goes to ‘Documents’. I have tried dragging it to the ‘Keyboard Layouts’ folders in ‘Library’ but that doesn’t make any difference. Any advice very welcome.

Welcome to the community, @brassjules.

Have you installed the keyboard following the instructions here to install a keyboard on Keyman for macOS? If not, can you give it a try and then see if the keyboard disappears again after restarting your computer.

If the problem persist, please give me the following info so that I can try to reproduce the behavior:

  1. your macOS version:
  2. your Keyman for macOS version:
  3. the [SIL Ethiopic Power-G] keyboard version: