Keyman does not work in Word, but works in Paratext

I’m using Windows 11. Keyman was working up to two days ago and has been working on my new computer for several months with no problem. It suddenly stopped working in Word, Notepad and FLEX. It still works in Paratext. Phil Leckrone had me uninstall the yuruti keyman kmx file & reinstall it after rebooting my computer. That did not change anything. The keyboard works fine on Phil’s computer and Windows 10.

Hi @Pam_Kinch

Could you answer a couple questions to help us troubleshoot the issue?

  • Can you tell us what version of Keyman for Windows you’re using?
  • Can you also attach the yuruti Keyman kmx file?
  • What language code do you have associated with the keyboard? (Is it yui?)
  • When you say it stops working, are you saying you switch the the keyboard and it doesn’t output the expected characters?

Another possibility to consider, if the keyboard only works in Paratext, is whether the PT project has an “autocorrect.txt” file (in the project folder) that provides the same keystrokes as the Keyman file. In which case the Keyman file might not actually be working in Paratext. :frowning:

Just a suggestion to check out, based on experience.

Hi Kim,

Thanks for your reply! I am not sure how I would check the “autocorrect.txt” file. Could you give me some steps to follow to do what you suggest? Or do I need a Paratext support person to do this for me? I do not want to mess up my settings in Paratext, since at least I can input Yuruti language there and then copy & paste into Word, as a work-around right now. Thanks for your help!





The autocorrect.txt file if it is present, is in the Paratext project folder.
So if your project is called Yui, it would be in “c:\My Paratext 9 Projects\Yui”

Thank you, Steve for your response! Jose Chambilla was able to deal with the issues I was having with Keyman. So I am up and running again. :blush:


Thanks, Kim, for your comment. Jose Chambilla was able to correct the problem I was having with Keyman. I know he checked the autocorrect.txt file, but I don’t know if that was part of the problem. I do know that he did upgrade the BIOS, but I don’t know what else he did. Anyway, thanks for your input. Blessings!

Hi Darcy, Thanks for your response! My computer is a Dell Precision 3551 which uses Windows 11. Jose Chambilla was able to look at it and deal with the issues related to my Keyman by using Bomgar. Keyman is now working correctly. I don’t know everything he did, but I do know that he updated the BIOS. Thank you for being available to help, as well. Blessings!


I apologize for not posting what I did to solve the issue with the Yuruti keyboard.
Background info
Pam has a new laptop with Windows 11 Pro edition with the last version of Keyman installed on it.
For what Pam told me, this keyboard was coded using an old version of Keyman developer. I don’t have the files of the original code.
I checked the autocorrect file of the PT project and there was only one line, but it didn’t involve any of the keys used in the keyman keyboard.
I installed the keyboard on my computer and it worked fine. I have a Windows 11 machine, installed with the latest Keyman version.
One of the special characters involved is “;”. Now, in the Spanish keyboard distribution this key is located next to the M. I asked Pam to press that key and the special character appeared.
I proceeded to install a Spanish keyboard through Windows and that solved the problem.
Things I don’t know yet
Since I don’t have access to the lines of code, it is hard to know if the keyboard was coded based on a Spanish keyboard or not.

If you have any questions, please let me know

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Thank you @Jose_Chambilla for the detail on how you solved this. Much appreciated!